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Blazing fast automated testing

Blazing fast automated testing

Reflect makes regression tests easy to create and painless to maintain. High growth teams use Reflect to catch bugs without slowing down development velocity.

Create end-to-end test suites 10x faster than code-based regression software like Selenium and Cypress.

Get the benefits of automated testing without the distraction of flaky tests.

Reflect is a no-code tool, which means that product experts like Designers, Product Managers, and Customer Support can create automated tests without involving developers.

Reflect can execute a 10 minute manual test in under 30 seconds, and you can parallelize the tests across your webapp to run simultaneously.

Free yourself of repetitive manual testing and take back hours in your day.

Create robust end-to-end tests, without writing a line of code

Writing end-to-end tests shouldn’t be a time-consuming process. Instead of creating tests in a code editor, with Reflect the browser is the interface.

Creating a test is as simple as entering a URL and using your web app. Reflect records your actions and turns them into a repeatable test that you can run as often as you’d like. No installation required.

Catch bugs that other tools miss with our visual testing features

With other website automation software, visual regressions (i.e. bugs in the UI that don’t modify the functionality of the site) cannot be detected. That’s because most automation tools operate at a level below how users interact with your application.

Reflect has first-class support for visual testing built-in, allowing you to find and fix visual regressions before they’re released to users.

Ship confidently with end-to-end test coverage on every deployment

Our built-in scheduler allows you to get up and running quickly, but if you’re looking to execute your tests via your existing CI/CD solution — we’ve got you covered.

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Reflect integrates with any on-prem or cloud-hosted CI/CD solution, including popular solutions like Jenkins and CircleCI. Our CI/CD integrations make it easy for you to execute end-to-end tests automatically on any deployment, or even on every Pull Request.

Build regression test suites that aren’t a pain to maintain

We believe the secrets to a maintainable test suite are accuracy and resilience to change. Only when your tool can precisely replicate a user’s actions while handling the complexity of the web can it truly be maintainable.

Reflect combines the ease-of-use of a no-code, scriptless website testing tool with the accuracy and expressibility of a code-based tool. Virtually any action is supported in Reflect, including file uploads, drag-and-drop, iframes, and more.

Don’t let your test automation tool be the bottleneck in your development process

Reflect not only lets you create tests fast; it also runs your tests fast. And with parallelism supported on all plans, even large test suites take only minutes to complete.

Other regression tools put artificial limits on test parallelism. Our fair and straightforward pricing lets you keep your suites speedy and only pay for what you use.


  • In a Hard disk a complete backup file can be created
  • One or many partion single file backup can be created
  • Restore a partition file to a different type, e.g., a logical partition can be restored as a bootable primary partition.
  • Resize the stored partition
  • A disk image can be created while the window is in use.
  • Verify images; images (backup-files) can be separately verified or automatically verified before the restore.
  • Set image file names automatically.
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System Requirements to Download Macrium Reflect Free

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 250 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.


A great selection of new features has been added with the release of Macrium Reflect 8. We’ve listed a few of the standouts below.

Macrium Reflect 8 adds a range of support tools for removable storage devices and exFAT file storage systems. With previous versions, you couldn’t create backups of SD cards, memory sticks, and other removable storage media. Now, this can be done with the click of a button.

Previous versions of Macrium Reflect 8 only supported daily backups. However, businesses often need more regular backups than this, which is why the latest release includes automatic intra-daily backups for increased data security.

In the past, one of our main concerns with Macrium Reflect has been its somewhat confusing user interface. The latest version of the program attempts to address this, adding a dark mode as well as various layout modifications.

Finally, Macrium Reflect now comes with advanced partition resizing tools to help streamline backup processes. Manual resizing is now a thing of the past, which means that backups can move faster and that you can have confidence in their accuracy and reliability.

Основные возможности

  • создание образа диска, отдельных файлов и папок;
  • выбор места, в котором будет храниться полученный образ;
  • быстрое создание образа системы без необходимости ее перезагрузки;
  • наличие встроенного планировщика, с помощью которого можно резервировать данные;
  • возможность создания восстановительного загрузочного диска с использованием BartPE и Linux;
  • проведение верификации полученных образов;
  • наличие специального сервиса копирования (Microsoft Volume Shadow);
  • пакетная запись на CD или DVD.
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Обновления последней версии

В последней версии были исправлены все ранее замеченные ошибки, добавлен диалог, который подтверждает предупреждение об отмене операций восстановления и клонирования. Также, был улучшен механизм создания загрузочной флешки USB.

Плюсы и минусы

Плюсы данной программы:

  • значительная экономия личного времени;
  • удобное меню;
  • высокая степень сжатия и скорость работы;
  • отличная безопасность, благодаря использованию 256-битного шифрования.
  • существенная нагрузка на процессор и оперативную память;
  • нужно отказаться от использования других ресурсоемких программных обеспечений для того, чтобы софт работал корректно;
  • англоязычный интерфейс.

Как пользоваться

После запуска программы перед вами появится главное окно. Несмотря на то, что интерфейс англоязычный, он все же остается довольно понятным.

Для того чтобы создать образ, нужно вызвать Мастер:

Далее жмем «Next» и указываем нужный раздел для копирования, затем указываем место для его сохранения:

В нижней части окна можно задать имя для файла, а в последнем окошке указать необходимую степень сжатия.

Разработчики рекомендуют использовать настройки по умолчанию.

Macrium Reflect FREE – одна из самых простых и надежных программ для резервного копирования. Она отлично подойдет, как для опытных, так и для рядовых пользователей.

Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image
, аналог Paragon Drive Backup, пользуется самой большой популярностью среди новичков и подготовленных пользователей. Программа создает резервные копии данных и клонирует различные накопители, работающие со всеми файловыми системами.

Пользователь может выбрать различный вид клонирования: всю информацию диска или его отдельного раздела, файла. Работает на старых версиях ОС Windows и на новой «восьмерке».

Клонируется информация на новое устройство с помощью мастера, и для начала процедуры ПК может быть загружен с DVD-устройства или флеш-накопителя.

Возможности и плюсы Acronis True Image

  • Множество функций.
  • Возможность настроить программу клонирования и резервирования данных под свои нужды.
  • Можно выбирать данные для переноса.
  • Работа в двух режимах: в ручном (с самостоятельными настройками), и в автоматическом (с мастером клонирования).
  • Поддержка русского языка.
  • Работает в высокоскоростном режиме.
  • Лицензионная версия стоит 1750 рублей.
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How Does Macrium Reflect Free Compare to Other Backup Tools?

Macrium Reflect Free isn’t the only free backup option available for Windows. We’re not just talking about dragging and dropping copies of your files to an external hard drive either.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free is one option while Aomei Backupper is another. Both of these offer similar functionality to Macrium Reflect Free. There are plenty more out there, but the above two are among the most popular.

If you want to pay for your backup software but find the price for Macrium Reflect 7 Home Edition a little steep, you have other options. GoodSync is backup and file synchronization software that has enjoyed popularity as of late. It has a free version available, but even the paid GoodSync Personal V10 costs just $49.95.

Macrium Reflect Free is more stripped down in terms of what it offers than some of the other options listed above. It makes up for its small feature set with a reputation for building stable software. If all you need are simple backups, the simple feature set may actually appeal to you over other options.


What’s new in 7.3.6284 (see changelog for more information):

— The rescue media now correctly automatically assigns drive letter ‘C’ to the Windows 11 system drive.
— The rescue media now correctly identifies and labels Windows 11 for ‘Fix Boot Problems’ and ‘ReDeploy’.
— The Mailbox Restore wizard could sometimes crash if the backed-up Exchange database contained corrupt or invalid binary data structures. This has been resolved.
— On Exchange 2013 or later, filtering by date could cause some emails to not be shown, even if they were inside the date range selected. This has been resolved.
— Several error messages have been made more accurate.
— It is no longer possible to get the Mailbox Restore wizard into an inconsistent state by clicking on controls while the wizard is restoring or loading folders.
— The Rescue Media Wizard would not be able to add user-provided drivers if a more up-to-date version of the same driver was available in the Windows driver store. This has been resolved.
— The backup completion warning, when the retention purge deletes all backups prior to running the backup, wasn’t being suppressed if the retention rules were explicitly set to retain 1 Full. This has been resolved.
— Various minor fixes and changes to improve Macrium Reflect.

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